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Flow State is a podcast designed to help you focus. Each episode is formatted with the pomodoro technique in mind:

  • 30 min session - instrumental music

  • 5 min break - ambient, nature and binaural sound waves designed to help you relax

  • 30 min session - another 30 mins of instrumental, up-tempo music to push you deep into your flow.

Get into your flow, as the finely tuned and curated playlists of instrumental music, pomodoro format and relaxing ambient and binaural sound waves guides you into accomplishing your best work.

About Bobby Lyte

Bobby Lyte is a DJ, music producer and host of the Flow State podcast. He's also a software engineer! Flow State is the outcome of his software and musical worlds colliding 💥By following his love for designing, architecting and coding in flow, as well as his keen interest in the properties of music that help us focus, he started the podcast. Since then it has evolved into a movement designed to help you focus - and flow!

Ambassadors of Flow

Say hello to the biggest supporters of flow - Ambassadors of Flow. These individuals play a pivotal role in supporting the show. Their belief and support in the vision allows me, Bobby Lyte, to explore the music, sounds, tools and ideas that enable peak human experiences.I can't thank y'all enough! I'm incredibly grateful for your contributions. You not only sustain the podcast, but also empower me to continually improve the platform and spread the values of a life in flow.

NamePatron Since
Lance GunkelAugust 23, 2021
Troy SzymanskiAugust 26, 2021
Maxim DoucetNovember 10, 2021
Eliot EshelmanJanuary 06, 2022
AnikoMarch 07, 2022
Jeff WardMarch 19, 2022
Joe BrownJuly 18, 2022
Jeff PicelNovember 11, 2022
Rachel JonesMarch 14, 2023
Huw ThomasAugust 18, 2023

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Turn your space into a deep work oasis with these three playlists (90+ minutes of music) designed to help you focus and flow.The last link is a bonus recording that combines two 30 minute playlists with a 5 minute binaural break in between, giving you a pomodoro session.

What is a Pomodoro?

The Pomodoro Technique is a time management method designed to enhance productivity and focus by breaking work into intervals, typically 25 - 30 minutes in length, called "pomodoros." During each pomodoro, individuals work on a specific task without distractions. After completing a pomodoro, a short break of around 5 minutes is taken, allowing the mind to rest and recharge.The #1 challenge I see people having with this technique is the management of a timer to track pomodoros and hence gain the true benefits of the technique. This is why I built Flow State - to take care of the timer for you.By timing the music and the breaks you no longer have to manage the pomodoros yourself. Simply work during the music and take a break during the break sections :).Try it for yourself in this episode of Flow State: Season 5 Episode 1

Welcome to Peak Flow

Peak Flow is a new, monthly series in which Bobby Lyte mixes high tempo, energetic and driving electronic music designed to instantly push you into a state of focus.Each episode is designed with the following format:Music (45 mins)
A first flow session, long enough to push you into a deep state of focus.
Ambient Break (10 mins)
Sounds of nature and binaural waves. Use this time to disconnect and disperse your focus - allow your subconscious to get creative!
Music (20 mins)
A final sprint in which the combination of music and deadline pressure pushes you to your peak flow!

You'll be quite impressed with how much you accomplish in each of these sessions.Give it a spin:

Quitting Silicon Valley...

Like many, the 2020 pandemic changed the course of my life.I started dating the woman I’d eventually marry. But I would also quit the silicon valley career I was never designed to pursue.Burnt out from a tech startup, I needed a break.It was during this time that I released episode one of Flow State, the first step towards my life’s work.Now, four years later I’m taking the next big leap, leaving a contract job that pays the bills to pursue Flow State full-time.

"The problem is, I want to live now..."

Why I'm pursuing Flow State full-time:

  • I'm deeply curious about how music and sound can unlock your flow state

  • Time flies when you're having fun - and for me it's when I'm curating, mixing and making music.

  • To learn and share my first-hand account of building a passion-led business.

  • I've been told to instead, “make your money first, then retire and live your life”.

  • The problem is, I want to live my life now 🙃. I'm here to prove, to you and I, that it's possible.

Making your Flow State effortless

As a software engineer I’ve experienced the hours of deep focused, creative work that would leave me feeling peak joy - this was my flow state.As a DJ I learned to influence human emotion and biology with music.By combining the two, I’ve developed the skill to influence flow state in others.Put simply, my intention is to make it effortless for you to experience flow state.This isn’t some crazy future vision. This is happening now. Just look at these comments from the podcast:

Flow State is a labor of love

You can probably see how deeply I care about this.But inspiring flow state isn’t unique to me at all.Think about your own work.Go far enough down the chain of what you do and you’ll find that ultimately, your work is meant to inspire flow state in others. To help people live a more present, peaceful and joyful life.Am I wrong? 😉

Support Bobby Lyte and the Flow State Platform

If the idea of helping others experience flow state resonates with you, or if the Flow State platform has helped you find your flow, please consider supporting me.Below you can find various ways to support. Whether monetarily or not, your support is critical in keeping the show alive and growing.Let’s do this 🤘😝

Tell your friends & colleagues

Making mixtapes since I was a kid

It should be no surprise that I listen to my own podcast.I've been making mixtapes for myself and friends since I was about 10 years old - so a lot older than the photo above, in which I seem to have invented a new way to wear sunglasses 🫣.One of my fondest memories is recording the radio onto a blank cassette. Eventually I started burning CDs...Finally with streaming services I pretty quickly experienced the epic feeling of writing code while listening to electronic music.I felt like I was 'Neo' in the Matrix. Shout-out to my fellow nerds who can relate 👋🤓.

Help me Spread the Bliss of Flow State

That epic feeling is flow state. It's bliss, and it really works as many of you can attest.So help me spread that feeling. Help me share this experience of losing sense of self and time while being completely absorbed in one's craft.

Right now, we're at just over 64,000 followers on Spotify.Can we get that up to 100,000?I'll update this number here every week to track our progress 🙂.

Share it with your community

Share your experience and help us help more people experience Flow State.

Here are some predefined snippets - share it on Twitter, Slack, Instagram, Discord, WhatsApp - wherever your communities gather 💃🕺.

Instant Focus:

When I need to focus I hit play on the Flow State podcast. As soon as the music starts I'm locked into my work. The curated music is simply incredible at keeping me focused!
Give it a try:

Enjoying the work:

Listening to the Flow State podcast while working has been so much fun. The curated music is top notch and it's been a game-changer for my productivity.
Check it out at

Powering through Hours of Work:

I've been powering through hours of work effortlessly with the Flow State podcast. The weekly episodes include 60 minutes of instrumental music that help me get through all types of work, even the tedious little tasks.
Try it for yourself at

Thanks for spreading the flow ⚡️🤟😊

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Monetary support is greatly appreciated! Especially now that I'm focusing on Flow State full-time.Think of this like buying a friend a coffee for helping you with work 🤝.For the cost of a coffee / tea / beer - choose your stimulant 🤩 - you can express your appreciation and support my work here:
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Follow the Journey

I've also moved to Spain...

My wife and I fell in love with Spain while on our honeymoon. Having many friends here as well it made it easy to move and try it on for a year... or more!

More music for Flow

I'm curating and mixing more up-tempo music with members who want to amp up their flow. A 65+ minute DJ set specifically designed for focus in your inbox every month.In addition I'm sharing DJ sets from the different places I visit around the world.

We're growing a garden on our terrace

The Spanish terrace is a beautiful thing and we want to share it with the world. As we build out our garden I'll be mixing and sharing DJ sets from up here. Possibly even livestreams!

...the above is just a glimpse at some of the stories and benefits I'm sharing with the Flow State community members.

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You can follow my journey, access more music, connect with the Flow State members and learn from my experience as I build this platform - all while supporting me:
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